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Thank you so much for having a look at my website.  I am a photographer living in New York.  I have concentrated on my people photography for these pages, but couldn't resist throwing in some of the images I've done playing around with toys as well.  To find out more about that aspect of my work, please go to  I have been studying society through our playthings for some years now.  And even as I photograph people, my interest in play, and that gray area between the 'real' and the 'artificial', still seems all important.
That being said, I am available for any kind of photographic need for actors, musicians, writers, family or just your own therapy, whether you would like a straightforward or playful approach, or a subtle combination of both. 

My price for a basic sitting is $300, which will include a consultation, about 150 images (or however long it takes us to feel satisfied), plus one retouched high resolution file.  Any additional files to be worked on will be another $25 each.  You can take away your photo shoot on a disk or view it later in your own online gallery.  These prices are for individuals, actors, or artists without a major company affiliation.  Projects with a large distribution would require different pricing guidelines.

Thank you again for taking the time to have a look.  Please do get in touch with any thoughts or questions!


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